Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Caterham having difficulty adapting to full-width bodywork

P2 leaders

PosStateCatCarDriverTeamTLapsGapLast lapBest lapAv speedPits
946RunLM P2ORECA 03-NISSANMARTIN M.THIRIET BY TDS RACINGD2017.5593:44.1743:44.174218.95
1038PitLM P2ZYTEK Z11SN - NISSANLUHR L.JOTA SPORTD817.60521:25.6633:44.220218.83
1126RunLM P2ORECA 03-NISSANRUSINOV R.G-DRIVE RACINGD2418.2813:48.2003:44.896218.28
1224PitLM P2MORGAN - NISSANBRUNDLE A.OAK RACINGD918.6003:55.9343:45.215217.93
1333RunLM P2HPD ARX 03B - HONDAFRANCHITTI M.LEVEL 5 MOTORSPORTSM1420.1033:53.9563:46.718216.43
1449RunLM P2ORECA 03-NISSANPEREZ COMPANC L.PECOM RACINGM2020.4973:54.3143:47.112216.03
1536PitLM P2ALPINE NISSANRAGUES P.SIGNATECH ALPINEM521.9554:02.8883:48.570214.72
1743PitLM P2MORGAN JUDDMAILLEUX F.MORAND RACINGD1622.8324:10.0453:49.447213.86
1835OutLM P2MORGAN - NISSANBAGUETTE B.OAK RACINGD1222.99013:21.9053:49.605213.73

P2 positions 10 onwards

1835OutLM P2MORGAN - NISSANBAGUETTE B.OAK RACINGD1222.99013:21.9053:49.605213.73
1925PitLM P2ORECA 03-NISSANGRAVES T.DELTA-ADRD2123.4964:09.2763:50.111213.27
2030PitLM P2LOLA B12/80 COUPE - JUDDHIRSCHI J.HVM STATUS GPD1423.8454:18.7743:50.460212.94
2134RunLM P2ORECA 03 - JUDDBLEEKEMOLEN J.RACE PERFORMANCED1124.9643:51.5793:51.579211.94
2247RunLM P2MORGAN - NISSANIMPERATORI A.KCMGM1225.2593:54.7543:51.874211.64
2331RunLM P2LOTUS T128BOUCHUT C.LOTUSD625.2653:51.8803:51.880211.61
2440PitLM P2ORECA 03-NISSANDOWNS M.BOUTSEN GINION RACINGD2528.4634:16.1763:55.078208.77
2541RunLM P2ZYTEK Z11SN - NISSANLUX E.GREAVES MOTORSPORTD1128.9279:01.1073:55.542208.33
2628RunLM P2LOLA B12/80 COUPE - NISSANHAEZEBROUCK P.GULF RACING MIDDLE EASTD1229.8574:01.1823:56.472207.56
2748PitLM P2ORECA 03-NISSANPATTERSON M.MURPHY PROTOTYPESD2030.1224:12.5563:56.737207.35
2845PitLM P2MORGAN - NISSANMONDOLOT P.OAK RACINGD830.1618:39.5803:56.776207.23
3639PitLM P2LOLA B11/40 - JUDDBRANDELA R.DKR ENGINEERINGD1835.8144:14.1384:02.429202.47

the Fever begins

...this in from RLM:

Lotus in hearing for last hour

only 4 turbocharged cars on the grid: 3 Audi, 1 LMP2 HPD (no.33)

Audi definitely run a blown diffuser... higher fuel consumption? Will Toyota get 2 more laps per tank? If Audi can run .75 second quicker, they can cover it (Trussers)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


there can't be many words that the Le Mans 24 Hours has given the English language, except perhaps vainquer, and this certainly won't be joining them anytime soon:

amprovis-ing, -ation, -er, -eur, (n.) (pr. say 'improvising'  w. pretend Fr. acc.) in the early stages of the race, the phenomenon of the PRO driver in an AM car running with the GTE-Pro pack; see also Campbell-Walter, Collard, Griffin, Hall, Vernay

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

for sure, for sure

I'm struggling to find an appropriate title for this post...

once upon a time, 'for sure' was introduced as a way of saying 'yes', 'certainly', for racing drivers. I remember Alain Prost was particularly fluent. It is now common parlance with native English speaking racers,  and can even replace a casual 'yeah'.

Martin Brundle famously contributed 'nodoubtaboutit' which if used as the trigger in a drinking game can be more dangerous than Mad Men.

I can understand 'Free Practice' becoming 'FP' but 'qually'... No.

However, this has now been topped by 'gapping'. Ugh.