Thursday, 24 January 2013

Baby you can dwiive my car...

I've never seen it parked the other way awound so cannot say if the paasenger side is inscwiibed similarly. As it is, I like to think it serves as a remiinder where to put the shopping and where to sit... as I imagine it's oowners fleeting viisits to the real world requiiwe some pwompting.

Actually opinions are diviided over the Pwiincess Beemer. I thought it was an act of voluntary infantilization (as if the stiick-on M badge doesn't do enough) but my assistant thinks the car was a gift - probably from father to daughter - maybe it's even an attempt to make her more... anyway I really hope it belongs to a man.

Unlikely. Best guess is a teaching assistant or p.e. teacher, given where it's parked 

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