Monday, 25 February 2013

Fiat 127 Hatchlessback

Early Fiat 127 - which belongs to that now rare class of vehicle that used to look like a hatchback, but wasn't, and became one. And - I'm too lazy to check this out btw - I believe the non-hatch stayed in production a good long time alongside.

Others that spring to mind - Alfasud, Peugeot 104, Honda Civic, Austin Princess. I think in all cases here the hatch version replaced the former - and, in the case of the Austin, gained a new name - Ambassador. Bit like GS to GSA (Citroen).

Phonographed in Portugal. I'm not well traveled - but am delighted to find a part of Western Yurp that still knows how to drive Fiats. Long may this continue!

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